Mindplaces: Art by Eric Pommer

Contact: eric@mindplaces.com

Eric lives and works in Toronto, Canada. A high-school teacher by day, he spends his evenings and summers working on freelance illustrations for roleplaying companies.

Loving monsters and fantasy from an early age, Eric's first memories of drawing involve dinosaurs battling stick-figure soldiers. He loved reading adventure books, and was introduced to roleplaying at an early age. A friend lent him an early D&D book, illustrated by Larry Elmore, and he fell in love with the images of mythical heros and creatures. Soon he was creating vast binders full of character portraits, maps, and scenes from roleplaying sessions with friends.

After getting a degree to teach Visual Art, Eric began to think about drawing for a wider audience. He began to work on a portfolio and studied the work of artists he admired, such as Todd Lockwood and William O'Conner. Soon, he began getting commissions, and now regularly does freelance work for rolepalying companies like Atlas Games and Kenzer and Co.

Eric used to work with pencils and inks, but now he does almost all his work digitally. He still loves digging out the oil paints for a landscape once in a while, but for him there's no substitute for the control digital painting gives an artist.

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