Mindplaces: Art by Eric Pommer


Threshold Dryad Character Portrait

Medium: Photoshop

"Sensuality radiates from this striking dryad. Glistening golden skin highlights her exquisite figure. A petite waistline accentuates the luscious curve of her hips and the perfection of her breasts. Her raven black hair is short against the nape of her neck but lengthens as it angles down to her jawline framing her high cheekbones and full lips. Her sultry wine colored eyes are ever watchful as she takes in her surroundings.

Syndria, Syndria, Syndria.... what can I tell you about this fascinating character? Syndria began her life as naive as the pure snow is white, yet by nature only the strong survive and she has armed herself with strong convictions, material possessions and radiant charm. She is a priestess to Lady Bast, Goddess of Lust, Greed and Vice.

She sincerely believes she is the most strikingly beautiful woman that has ever graced the streets of Sable. However this does not make her conceited, she constantly compliments all those around her. She thinks that people with strong self esteem are a compliment to her goddess and she seeks to instill that in others. People have in the past asked her if she is always happy. Her response is yes because she has yet to become jaded. Her favorite words when she's in a good mood are delightful, delicious, wonderful working on fabulous, everyone is dear or darling.

Syndria is also a very indulgent and pampered individual. Most of the time she is found lounging about in sheer purple lingerie just barely past her hips and a purple thong. Occasionally she'll have a pair of amethyst earrings or an ivory comb adorned with amethyst. Occasionally a velvet purple cloak will be draping from her shoulders."

Illus. Eric Pommer, 2004